In the largest, most in-depth study of lobbying practices and how they are received on the Hill, George Mason University Law School and the publishers of the Original US Congress Handbook and have compiled inputs from over 2,200 lobbyists and 700 Congressional staffers. During 2013 nearly 3,000 staff and lobbyists participated in the updated survey with all new questions added. Packed with full-color charts, ready-to-use best practices and surprising insights into what no longer works, this report is a must-have for everyone seeking Hill access — and influence. Featured by Politico, National Journal, The Sunlight Foundation, The Daily Caller and more.

The newly-updated edition includes:

  • Brand new stats on the use of Twitter for official business
  • A first-ever look at how congressional staff and lobbyists' perceive social media bias
  • A new insert on the use of streaming video for advocacy efforts
  • Analysis of the political talk shows that dominate the Hill
  • A new poll on media preferences

Sample Analysis

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The Congressional Communications Report takes the guesswork out of which communication methods are preferred by Hill staff, including:

  • The 5 worst advocacy tools to use on freshman Member offices
  • Why using an “old fashioned” fax might get you your desired result
  • What advocacy tools NOT to waste your money on to influence the Congress
  • Where female congressional staff go to learn about public policy
  • #1 way to get a meeting on Capitol Hill
  • Top 2 advocacy tools that Republican Hill staffers reveal
  • Find out what Blogs Capitol Hill reads – and then get mentioned in them!
  • #1 way to influence Hill Democrat staffers
  • #1 way to influence Hill Republican staffers
  • 3 ways to avoid wasting money on advocacy initiatives
  • #1 way to avoid media visibility “backfiring” on your legislative program
  • Using national and local media to advance your legislation by targeting Hill readership
  • Where “twenty-something’s” on Capitol Hill go to find policy information

Whether you’re a 20-year veteran or just starting out as an advocate, The Congressional Communications Report can give you an edge over other lobbyists vying for time and attention. By knowing exactly how demographics, technology, and social media have changed how Members and staffers work and interact with lobbyists, you’ll know where and how to use your resources. Pre-order your copy of the report today!

Conducted by experts in the government relations field

David Rehr, Ph.D. is the author of the study. He is a noted national association advocate and former head of the National Association of Broadcasters and National Beer Wholesalers Association. He is one of Washington Life’s Power 100 and noted by The Hill as the top association lobbyist.

The GWU Graduate School of Political Management is the only school of applied politics in the nation’s capital. Its mission is to educate students and professionals in the tools, principles and values of participatory democracy and, in a non-partisan environment, prepare them for careers as ethical and effective advocates and leaders at the international, national and local levels.

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